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Spec-writing, Estimating, & Engineering Software for Architectural Openings.

Written and supported by certified architectural opening professionals Robert Harder, AHC, and Randy Haines, AHC, Specworks is a proven, dependable tool used daily by hundreds of organizations.  HCS Tech, LLC has been a Specworks support and software development partner since 1996.  As of December 1st, 2016, HCS Tech LLC is the exclusive provider of Specworks software.

  • Total opening coordination concept
  • Deep feature set evolved over 30+ years of collaboration with users
  • Import Allegion specifications written in SpeXtra
  • Migrate project data from Specification through Estimating & Engineering
  • Auto pricing of standard Steelcraft Doors & Frames
  • Generate reports & submittals listing products of any door, frame or hardware manufacturer
  • Auto pricing of commonly used hardware in Master Catalog
  • Automatic catalog cut generation
  • Data assisted drawing generation using Microsoft® Visio®
  • Over 1500 reports, nearly all available by area/phase
  • Integration with TOAD-CRT "Catalog Replacement Tool"
  • Announcement on Specworks transfer to HCS Tech, LLC can be found here
Specworks® Software

Create / Manage Your Account, and Make Payments

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Create a new account for users of Specworks previously provided by Allegion™.

If your Specworks version is below 3.00.814.01:
Please call us at 888.512.5183 so we can manually link your account to your existing Specworks installation.

If your version is 3.00.814.01 or higher:
In the field below, enter the email address of your primary Specworks contact as entered in Specworks > Maintenance Menu > Owner Information > UpdateSpecworksContact link

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More about Specworks®

Spec Module:

         Start from scratch, or borrow from an existing project.

         Fastest spec-writing tool available

         Publish to MS Word

         Record changes, adds, deletes and optionally print with visual indicators

         Create multiple custom preamble templates

         Import and export Architects door schedule

Bid Module:

         Start Bid from scratch, borrow from an existing project, or Import Specs from Allegion

         Summarize Wood Doors

         Automatically adds most Steelcraft Hardware Preps and Reinforcements

         Automatically prices standard Steelcraft Doors & Frames

         Automatically prices most Allegion Hardware & select non-competing lines

         Prints Quote Requests,Summary Cost Reports for Frames, Doors & Hardware by Mfgr.

Bid Worksheet:

         Print Bid Analysis by customizable product grouping showing Cost, Tax, Freight, Sell, Markup, Margin & Profit $

         Print Bid Proposal for customer with Company Logo

         Show Selling Price as Lump Sum Total, or Breakout Items by Category and/or Phases!

 Engineering Module:

         Import Bid from Bid Module

         Add Elevation #’s, Anchor Types, Outside & Inside Locations, Hands and Active Degree’s

         All the Features of the Bid Module

         Summarize Wood Doors for ordering

         Automatically adds most Steelcraft Hardware Preps and Reinforcements (Easily change these to your shop preps if needed.)


         Submittals & Catalog Cuts, Keying Reports

         Purchase Orders for Frames, Doors & Hardware by Mark # and/or Mfgr and Area

         Approved Steelcraft Frame & Door Orders!

         Schlage Approved Masterkey Orders!

         Shop Reports for Frames & Doors by Mark # and/or Mfgr and Area

         Packing Lists for Frames, Doors & Hardware by Mark # and/or Mfgr and Area

Product Sales

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